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Our Founder

Reynaldo Cusicanqui, Executive Director

With 23 years of experience in forensic mitigation and forensic social work in the largest criminal justice system in the United States, Mr. Cusicanqui has a broad range of extensive experience in criminal cases pertaining to homicide, drug trafficking, gangs, human trafficking, illegal gun possession, kidnapping, arson, exploitation of children, child pornography, and domestic violence.


In 1995, Mr. Cusicanqui established the Consulting Project, a defense advocacy firm that provides forensic mitigation services with forensic social workers. The Consulting Project, advocates on the behalf of the defendant and has worked with over four hundred private attorneys, Federal and State prosecutors offices, and many court communities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida. In addition, the firm has presented memoranda to aid in sentencing and plea negotiations in Federal, State, and family court jurisdictions and has been instrumental in collaborating with various treatment courts throughout the country. Since its inception, over 20 years ago, the Consulting Projects has become one of the most progressive and successful forensic mitigation consulting firms in the Country.


The Consulting Project has engaged with the most complex cases and crimes. Its main goal is to provide forensic services to the Court community and the societies that benefit, creative and long-standing solutions. The firm deals with vast issues that affect all citizens, such as mental health, alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence, including issues impacted by cultural issues and socioeconomic status. The firm understands and considers all parties involved, including the safety of the community, in providing options that are sustainable and will ideally reduce recidivism.


Recent projects

· Lead Mitigation Specialist in Federal Death Penalty cases in Southern and Eastern District of New York

· Lead Mitigation Specialist assisting forensic psychologists and social workers working on Juvenile Federal cases

· Prepared and presented memoranda to Federal, State and circuit courts in NY, NJ, CT, VA, NC, and HI

· Created and implemented training for CJA attorneys in NY (Continuing Legal Education presentations)

· Assisted with the implementation of specialized services for released federal inmates-re-entry programs


Recent Capital and Federal cases

-U.S. vs. V. Lema, Cr. No. 00122          -U.S. vs. A.U. Velasquez, Cr. No 00087      -U.S. vs. J. Perez, Cr. No-00576-05

-U.S. vs. B. Davis, Cr No. 00499          -U.S. vs. R. Khandakar, Cr. No 00584        -U.S. vs. V.Jackson, Cr. No.00039

-U.S. vs. R. Isidore, Cr. No.00576        -U.S. vs. S. Yousaf, Cr. No 00315-003         -U.S. vs. W.Bracey, Cr. No.00537-4

-U.S. vs. E. Sparkes, Cr. No. 0073       -U.S. vs. M. Despot, Cr. No 00253              -U.S. vs. A. Paulino, Cr. No. 00034

-U.S. vs. P. Pau, Cr. No. 0054              -U.S. vs. W. Knox, Cr. No 00785                 -U.S. vs. D. Copeland, Cr. No. 00465

-U.S. vs. Y. Figiyev, Cr. No. 101            -U.S. vs. J. Aviles, Cr. No 00548                 -U.S. vs. J. Galanis, Cr. No.00371

-U.S. vs. J. Suriel, Cr. No. 00438         -U.S. vs. M. Castro, Cr. No 0792                 -U.S. vs. F. Smith, Cr. No. 00346

-U.S. vs. R. Myles, Cr No. 00423         -U.S. vs. J. Quintero, Cr. No 00562-003     -U.S. vs. C. Mighty,Cr. No 00450

-U.S. vs. F. Corporan, Cr No. 00571    -U.S. vs. D. Anim, Cr. No 00156-002          -U.S vs. K. House, Cr. No 00554

-U.S. vs. A. Diaz, Cr No. 00259           -U.S. vs. DelaCruz Cr. No 0062                   -U.S.vs. C. Jude Ibe,Cr. No 00287


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